Disaster Recovery Services
Your IT systems are critical to your business and should be protected against disaster! We developed our disaster recovery services equipment replacement program over 20 years ago, and are still providing today the same unique 10 point guarantee for only $300.00 a month.

You say you already have a disaster recovery program? What about the "loopholes" in your current contract? You probably won't find a guarantee that your hardware will be replaced with compatible equipment!

El Camino disaster recovery services has a dedicated staff and a 24/7 hotline to ensure fast equipment replacement in the event of any disaster. We also GUARANTEE IN WRITING the replacement hardware to be on-site within 1 to 5 working days of reporting your disaster. Our equipment replacement program represents a tremendous value and peace of mind for only $300.00 per month. It's your assurance... your replacement data center will be up and running again in less than a week.

Truthfully, we hope your business never encounters a disaster. But if you do, we'll come through with the hardware, so you'll have one less thing to worry about.

10 Guarantees for only $300 a Month
1.   Auditor, Federal/GSA approved program
2.   $300 per month for your data center
3.   One fee covers critical hardware
4.   Equipment delivered within 1-5 business days of notice
5.   No charge for configuration additions/changes
6.   $10,000/per day (up to $250,000) for late delivery
7.   Multi-vendor hardware replacements
8.   24-hour disaster notification hotline - 365 days
9.   2-hour callback after disaster notification
10.   Pricing options for lease-rental/purchase

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